Hello, Everyone

It’s Amber Dolly…Well, as a lot of you may know, these last few years have been really difficult for me. In fact, this year may very well be the hardest year I’ve been through in so many ways. As a result of the hardships my family and I have faced, I’ve decided to enter a contest on Photobucket because it has a $25,000 grand prize and 5 $500 smaller prizes. I figured that it was worth a shot. So, I was wondering if any of y’all could do me a HUGE favor and vote for me in the contest.

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Thanks For 3 Years!

Well, I was talking with Amanda and Sam, today. You may know them as Soccerlova67 and MrKrabs, though. Anyway, we were reminiscing about the days when we ran our Club Penguin blogs and how we had met so many people. Then, we realized that today was my 3 year blogging anniversary with Amanda! Isn’t that crazy?! Clearly, I never came back to any sort of blogging. Unfortunately, things in my life got so busy that I couldn’t keep up. I’m not sure if I ever told you guys, but I did plan on coming back. That break I took wasn’t supposed to be forever. While I was taking that break and trying to catch what life threw at me, I was attempting to design this blog: http://amberdollycp.blogspot.com/ …Like I said before, life never quite calmed down for me. Therefore, I never finished the blog. I lost motivation after awhile and gave it up altogether around the time my grandma passed away.
I keep talking about how life never calmed down for me, and I’m sure some of you are curious as to why. I’m not sure if I told any of you, but my mom became an anorexic and bulimic in the midst of my blogging ‘career’. She was in and out of the hospital just like my grandma with cancer. The death of her mother that January in 2010 didn’t help, either. A few months after my other grandma passed of cancer in August, my sister developed anorexia. As 2011 progressed, I hoped for the best. My mom was still in and out of the hospital and my family was slowly fading away. Unfortunately, things never really got better from there as I had hoped. My mom wound up in the hospital for a few days, again, and her bulimia was becoming a bigger problem. The same thing happened with my sister. My sister wound up developing bulimia along with my mom. Once again, a new year rolled around. I was hoping for the best as I had done the passed few years. I didn’t get the break I had hoped for. My grandpa had a heart attack in January. It was a rude awakening back to reality. Luckily, it was only minor and didn’t do any damage. However, things went down hill from there with my family. Shortly after, there was a tumor scare with my mom. We’re very fortunate that it there wasn’t even a benign tumor! But, she’s had various other health issues as a result of her eating disorder. Her heart isn’t as strong as it should be and her blood pressure is always high. I’m always concerned because of the stress she’s under. Anyway, her bulimia appeared in other forms than throwing up her food. This other form wound up damaging her colon. Once again, we’re still fortunate. Despite the damage that has been done, it’s not as bad as they feared. Originally, they worried that she had completely killed it, but the damage is minor. A few weeks after my mom was cleared, my cousin wound up in the emergency room because he tried to kill himself. He was only 3 beds down from my sister. Yes, my sister was in the emergency room. My sister’s battle with her eating disorders turned ugly. She’s tried numerous attempts to kill herself. She hasn’t been home for more than a month. As a result of one of her suicide attempts, she wound up in the emergency room for 14 days. Well, thanks to malpractice by her doctors, she nearly died. The suicide attempt isn’t what nearly killed her, either; it was her group of doctors. After she was released the Thursday before Good Friday, I was out with my friends. I came home only to found out that she had tried again less than 3 hours of getting out. She was in the emergency room for a few days, then she was transferred to a pediatric hospital, she passed out there and was fully admitted because she was medically unstable, and now she’s a few hours way. She’s not doing well in the hospital she’s in right now, so she might have to be sent away for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, we might not be able to afford it…Especially with the risk of my mom getting laid off this year.
Despite it all, I’m still hanging in there. I hope all of you are doing well. If you ever want to talk to me, I’m still around. I may not be blogging for any virtual worlds, but I’m still on some social networks. I have a Tumblr and a Twitter. Both of which, I’m using on a daily basis. My Tumblr is http://b3autiful-d1saster.tumblr.com and my Twitter is: http://twitter.com/amberdollyy …I’d love to keep in touch with you guys! Amanda, Soccerlova67, is also on Tumblr and Twitter. Her Tumblr is: http://f-orever-al0ne.tumblr.com/ and her Twitter is: https://twitter.com/#!/amanda_pandaz69 …Be sure to follow her, as well. I’m sure she’d like to keep in touch with you guys as much as I would.


*Another Update: As of 5:50 PM PST… My grandma lost a hard, long fought battle with cancer… She truly fought until the end…*

*Update: Hey guys. I know, I said I was coming back soon… But this month… I’m not sure. So much has/is happening… It’s like January all over again. I want to come back, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to. My mom is having liver troubles, and they don’t know why. So she was taken by ambulance and in the hospital for a few days. She was released but her liver levels are still high =/ They don’t know why. Also, my dad is also in trouble. He hurt his hand at work, ontop of an old wound that needed surgery… So he has no use of his left hand. It hurts him a lot and he can’t do much, it swells up like a balloon as well. Last night, my grandma said her goodbyes to everyone… It was heartbreaking, she also said she knew she was dying. ): My cousin wanted to come to the hospital but he was practicing his motocross, he ended up getting hit head on by someone else. He broke his arm in 1 place, his wrist in 2 and his left thumb. He also injurred his legs and hips but refuses to tell the doctor because he is stubborn like the rest of my Italian family and doesn’t want to end up in a full body cast. As of today, August 19… My grandma’s losing her battle cancer. I woke up this morning to my dad crying, apparently today was supposed to be her last day. She was having trouble and decreased a lot since this morning. It’s 2 PM PST, and she’s stable and I guess hasn’t decreased anymore… But she’s not doing well. At 6AM PST, they said to get to the hospital quick because it was her final hour… My grandma’s a fighter, she saw her kids around her and is trying to not let go. Even the doctors are confused. They say her hearts too strong. They are giving her specials meds to help her pain… They say there’s a chance she might not pass today… It might be tomorrow, or a few days. She’s fought long and hard, and I’m proud of her. But, these next few days, I’m babysitting extra as well because my parents are going to be busy with my grandma and all that. I just wanted to let you know what’s going on and why I haven’t moved on yet… I hope you understand. If you want to catch updates, I am always posting my updates on twitter: http://twitter.com/amberdollyy so follow me if you’d like… That’s all for now. Thanks for all your support guys, I hope to see you again in the future, and soon*

Hey guys… I’ve not posted in a long time, I realize that. I didn’t want it to be that long, but what are you going to do? Life’s changed a lot since January, some for the better, most for the worst. But through everything, I’ve been on twitter still and talking to people there and they’ve been my support as much as you guys (,: You guys truly rock, you guys cared about me through my situation. I just wanted to thank you for that. And, with that comes a huge decision from where I go from here. Undoubtedly, I want to continue blogging. But, while I was gone I was introduced to a new game that I like a lot. It’s called Minimonos: http://minimonos.com It’s not very old, and it’s a really fun game that’s based on helping the earth. The games are about going green, but you also have your own treehouse, you can have hair, and you can buy clothes as well as furnishings! There are high scores posted on the games, which are actually really fun! The other cool thing is that the staff interacts so much with us! They have twitcam Tuesdays. They hired bloggers like us for the Go Bananas! blog. And they encourage twitters, blogs, and give aways for Minimonos. Well here’s my dilema. I’m beginning to dislike Club Penguin and seeing more and more faults with their system. They’re making more activities member oriented, and I see that as unfair. Me and a few twitter friends have sent them numerous e-mails regarding the topic, but there has been no reply. And I realize that I really hate it being that way. So I’m thinking of, when I come back, instead of blogging about Club Penguin, blogging about Minimonos. I’ll still play Club Penguin, just not blog about it. It will be like I am with Pandanda, I play but don’t blog about it. I’ll keep up my old Club Penguin posts and whatnot, and I’ll still attend your parties, visit your websites. Nothing will change besides the blogging topic. And I didn’t want to go right for it without consulting you guys, you guys deserve to express your opinions! So, here’s the poll, Stick with Club Penguin Blogging or Switch to Minimonos Blogging.

The reason I also like Minimonos is because, unlike Club Penguin, first off it’s not completely member oriented. And, their membership goes towards providing clean water to a child in India. It’s the same price as Club Penguin’s, but it goes further. But, you decide! And hey, if your choice doesn’t win, there’s a chance it won’t work out and I’ll go back to the other option. (; Also, you should definitely try out Minimonos if you haven’t already: http://minimonos.com/wb/content/world And when you creat a monkey, you should say that the monkey who invited you was AmberDolly(: Well guys, that’s all for now. I can’t make my comeback unless you vote! So vote now! Later guys, and keep rockin’!

NOTE: Even though I don’t talk much on here and don’t go on AIM, you can follow me on twitter, I’m known for my story telling, pictures, and complaining xDD (Honesty’s a virtue xP) If you want follow me, and you’ll get updates on what’s going on in my life: http://twitter.com/amberdollyy (; Just press that button that says Follow and viola! Bye guys! Thanks for everything you’ve given me, no matter what you choose for me to blog about… When I come back, we will have a lot of partying to make up! Maybe even on both virtual worlds(:

Taking a “Break”

  Update:  As of tonight; Thursday February 11, 2010.
    My life lately can’t get better… People say it has to get better cause it can’t get worse… Boy were they wrong. I swear God likes to watch people suffer… He must be having a ball with my family. The latest is that my cat’s dying. My mom was diagnosed with Melanoma (a form of skin cancer) for the second time. My grandma’s cancer has gotten worse, and I’m going to be meeting with the therapists more often as of Monday… So coming back to blogging may not even be an option… With all that’s going on, I won’t have anytime to blog, and am too worried about everything to continue as it is… Though this decision is not yet final, I wanted you to  be aware of that. So I’ll update this again when life tortures me yet again, (so soon) until then, later guys.

     Heyy guys. It’s amber dolly. I wont be blogging for awhile, I’m not sure how long yet… But life is really screwed up right now and i dont have time to blog. My grandma died on Thursday in Florida, she’s having three services so I am all booked up on those days. And my other grandma has bladder cancer… It keeps spreading. It’s spread from her bladder to her shoulder to her pelvis, spine, and neck. And I am having some family and religious issues at home… I now have to see 4-5 therapists too. Plus, my cousin is in the “hospital” for nearly the same reasons as me… I have been diagnosed with depression. Half of my family is upset and a mess. The other half is upset, pissed off at each other, fighting, and I’m just caught in the middle of it. My grades are dropping with all thats going on… And I can’t be worring about the blog in the midst of this… No I won’t be hiring authors… So, goodbye for now… I will always update my twitter and go on Club Penguin… And once everything is set, I will hopefully be able to come back… Thanks for understand guys.

The Mine!

    Many of you have noticed that the mine is starting to collapse.. Well the newspaper said to check next week for more updates… so thats when maybe the mine will break even more! Also, I noticed something suspicious. While reading the newspaper… I got this hint. The squid kind of looks like the one Billybob gave us in the sneak peak… don’t you agree? Well, take a look at this too, because it might mean a new room is coming… ANOTHER ONE! Cool right! Well, here is what the mine looks like currently, broken xD Just click the rock and it tumbles down and unveils another part to the wall.

New Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades Catalog!

    Heyy guys! I made videos on the newest catalog cheats! What’syour favourite item? I think the new cave igloo is cool and the matching furniture. And, the pair of skis are cool too to me.. because I am going skiing for my first time soon with my friends! They’re going to teach me how… which will be interesting… HAHA! ANYWAYS! Here are the videos:

New Pin

    Heyy guys! The new pin is located at the Ice Berg! This new pin… it’s my FAVOURITE of all time xD Here it is:

What is your favourite pin? Comment and let me know =]